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How do I start blogging   How Do I Start Blogging?

 Rich Niche Blogging is a blog resource site that will show you how to blog, how to make money blogging, how to start a blogging business and - how easy is wordpress to use! You'll find out...

  • How to get a free blog and add advertising to it - easy as sin.
  • How to make Money with a Blog selling other people's products that they deliver
  • How to write articles for other sites online and make money

    Keep reading and we'll show you where to get free blogs online so you can play with basics like signing up, making your first post, adding a link to your blogroll and how to name your blog to use it to the best advantage on a free hosted site.

    Wordpress has a free blog where you can sign up and start blogging. Getting a free Wordpress blog is a good move. When you want to host your own blog, we recommend Wordpress, so getting in some practice first make it a good choice. Then when we ask you "How easy is Wordpress to use?"  You'll answer - it's a breeze!!!

    We feel that external blogs play an important part in blog  promotion and we also understand if Google's Blogger is your preference . We want you to have a Blogger Blog. We'd like to send you a free copy of an excellent book about using the Blogger platform to help you get started.

    Start your blogging business with a free blog and gradually work your way on from there. Join the library, watch the videos to find out more about blogging.

    Simply enter your name and email in the following boxes and we'll send you the download link.

    How Best to Start Blogging?  Click this link to start finding out.

    If you opt to take some of the training modules you'll also learn more about how to blog, including installation, configuration, bloggers etiquette and the different types of platforms. Installing your own Wordpress blog is easy and adding the right plugins and themes will make your blog look and act like a professional designers creation. It's easy to find out how to blog with our step by step modules.

    You'll find out how to make money blogging with the affiliate module where we explain how you can partner with online stores or publish advertising. You'll also discover how to start a blogging business by creating your own products and selling them, or by reselling clickbank products or even physical products that you buy wholesale for this purpose. Another way you can make money is through freelance writing for blogs or online sites that share advertising revenue.

    Finally we'll help you get traffic to your blogs because readers and clients are the difference between a website that works for you and a website that you work on for nothing. We invite you to join the library where you can download lots of free books on blogging and marketing. You can also subscribe for access to more advanced books.

    how do I start blogging


    Writers are blogging for many different reasons but the main reason is because it's fun and easy to do. A blog is an easy website you can make yourself.

    How easy is Wordpress to use!

    Artists and film makers use Wordpress blogs to display a portfolio of their artworks and musicians can use it to offer downloads of mp3s and charge for them.

    Multiple authors can use a Wordpress blog to collaborate on novels or just to chart their own progress on a project. There are Wordpress blogs that manage business communication between all their employees and Wordpress blogs that are designed to attract people to a business.

    How to start a blogging business

    Then there are blogs which are created to be a business all by themselves. Marketing blogs are very popular and we'll show you how to start a blogging business by writing your own product or reselling some one elses.

    How to make money blogging

    Selling digital or physical products is one way but if you want to know how to make money blogging we have real blueprints. Another tactic is to use sites that will pay you to write for them, advertising you can be paid to publish and services you can be paid to provide when you learn...

    How to Blog!

    The one thing all bloggers do have in common is a need for the information that will easily help them to find the added functions that will make their blog do everything they want it to do.

    Rich Niche Blogging is about showing you how to blog, how to make money blogging and how to start a blogging business.

    We'll continue to gradually add more pieces of the jigsaw puzzle until you create the blog you want to see. Eventually we'll have the best resource site online about what blogs can do for you and what you can do for your blog. 

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    How to start a blogging business. 
    If you came here asking "How do I start blogging?" Click on the diamond Visit how do I start blogging  under   Read the Articles on This Site. You'll find answers for "What is a blog?", "What is a niche?", "What is an affiliate?", "What is traffic?" and many other basic and not so basic questions. There's a long list of free blog sites where you can get a free blog. There's a lot of information in the articles - click the site map link at the bottom to see a list.

    If you're already blogging and looking to improve and find out how to do specific things - then join the Library, the Forum and read the Blogs and pick up a lot of tips and tricks including free video tutorials in the library and links to all the best blogs about blogging, seo, writing and niche marketing.

    CheckOut Freebie Corner and pick up some cool blogging tools and free ebooks!

    But if you came here looking to find outhow to make money blogging or how to start a blogging business, then you'll be wanting to look at the modules of the Rich Niche Blogging Training. We have five modules coming which will gradually be released separately over April, May and June. These ones are available NOW!

    free blogging toolsJoin the Rich Niche Blogging Library

    how to blogNiche Market Research Methods for SEO

    How can I start a blogHow Do I Become A Freelance Writer

    Sign up above and we'll let you know when the next three modules are released.
    Which of these other pieces are you missing?

    how to blog 

    How can I start a blog   How to make money blogging  How to start a blogging business  free blogging tools improve blog traffic

    Get the whole picture on your blog with Rich Niche Blogging!

    NB. If you are a blogger and would like to submit a free article with some information to the Library site about your themes, plugins, your favourite CMS, a tip that you want to share, a site you have found helpful then please email us at the Library.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

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